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  What We Do

Eternity Power Trading has been incorporated in 2017 and it has been  
founded Abraham Mawarire. Who has got a vast experience in automotive  
engineering, majoring in heavy duty mining equipment, electrical systems,  
motor hydraulic system, mechanical systems to include trucks and general  
automotive equipment. We have experience staff of more than 6 technicians  
based onworkshops and field work. Eternity Power Trading has got a  
subsidiary company named Letromec Infinity which specialises in   
hydraulic repairs, hydraulic pipes and fittings, hydraulic cylinders, pumps,  
valves and power packs, engineering projects and general automotive  

We also have another sister company called Eternity Solar which is  
specialising in solar technologies.

We provide exceptional alternative power solutions, solar power supply to  
your homes, factories, business, eternity power-trading company is a  
multi operational company with interests in engineering, projects, electrical,  
hydraulics, mining,handling, power generation, construction and civil  
engineering projects. Or any customized occasions, by supplying and  
installations of solar systems, wind power, generators, we harness the  
magic of nature to provide essential energy to the factories, businesses,  
recreational facilities and households, schools, hospitals. We provide a  
clean energy alternative, that has benefits to our environment and our planet.  
You better talk to us because, "the power is in our hands.
Main Objectives

Our vision is to provide an alternative semi-autonomous and autonomous system from the national grid, of uninterruptible power supply to the communities, by supplying only high quality solar equipment and gadgets to the end user. Without compromising on quality of the materials. We value the importance of your investments in acquiring our products. However, we strongly recommend that installations be done only by qualified personnel. To add more value for your money, our company does not only provide clients with materials, but we provide our own qualified technicians to do the whole installations.
As a green energy company, we are fully committed to environmental protection, and conservation of our natural resources and implementation of corrective measures to minimize the risk of pollution impact to the air, water resources and marine life as well as wildlife.
We spare no expense to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Main Objectives, Handling Equipment Rebuilds

Our dedicated team of highly skilled personnel and technicians will provide you with excellent service to your fleet to include rebuilding and reconditioning your old forklifts, tele-handlers, tractors, reach-trucks,
We spare no expense to make sure everything runs smoothly.
38 Reitfontein Road, Primrose 1401
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About The Founder
Abraham Mawarire founded Eternity Power Trading which has got the following sister comapnies:
Letromec Infinity and Eternity Solar Technologies.

He is a self driven energetic individual with passion to get things done. Abraham has got 20+ years experience in automotive and mining industry. He holds a diploma in motor vehicle technologies, national certificate in electronics and certificate in projects management.

During the years of employment, it has always been his dream to establish his own corporate business.